About Us

Red Oak Group Limited was established in 2008 by a group of 8 members. Membership has since grown to 16 comprising leading women representing a diverse range of professions and sectors in Uganda and globally.

Red Oak Group seeks to grow the wealth of its members and community through prudent investments in Uganda and the region and currently has portfolios in land, equity, financial services, and real estate.

The key binding force was the need to combine resources to invest for the betterment of self, family and community for the future. We intend to expand our operations beyond Uganda to cover East Africa and the region.

Red Oak has a Corporate Social Responsibility Policy and seeks to partner with organizations in need for the good of the community.

Our Vision

A leading regional investment company generating income from financial services with investments in real estate and other companies.

Our Mission

To provide a mechanism for economic development, wealth generation, social security and well being to shareholders and our communities

Our Values

Integrity: We stand by our morals and ethical principles.

Commitment: We will give our time, energy and resources to achieve our vision.

Excellence: We aim at exceeding standards in all that we do

Dynamism: We will create, innovate and remain relevant to the changing environment

Our Team

Christine Busingye


Elizabeth Nakamoga

Business Development Manager

Richard Mazinga

Office Administrator